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Rolex watch is not the exclusive property of men, modern women are not satisfied with jewelry in general quartz women’s watch, nothing is more refined and timeless elegance. These symbolic Swiss watches are incredibly stylish, luxurious and durable, and their reputation is second to none.
The history of Women’s Rolex watches dates back to 1927, when a Female British swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze, made history by crossing the English Channel in a Rolex oyster. Even after 10 hours of long swimming, the watch remained in perfect working condition. This momentous moment in Rolex’s history was created by a woman and marked the beginning of Rolex’s intimate relationship with its female customers.
In 1945, the Rolex Datejust was born, the first self-winding wristwatch with a date display on its dial. Rolex was originally designed for men, but later came out with mid-size models that were more suitable for women. Finally, lady-DateJust was launched in 1957. Lady-datejust is the first astronomical watch series designed specifically for women.

Lady-datejust is made by the same process that made Rolex famous, so it’s smaller, sleeker and can fit comfortably on a thin wrist. The lady-Datejust has a diameter of 28 mm and is best suited for the traditional Lady’s wrist. It features a combination of Everose Rolesor gold – Oyster steel and Everose Gold, a unique trademark of Rolex. The dial is surrounded by exquisite rose gold teeth. The dial is decorated with delicate sunrise patterns and round diamond chronotypes. The dial is available in olive green, coffee purple and other colors. This Lady-Datejust has an elegant feminine touch with its harmonious combination of silver and rose gold.
The 28mm Lady-Datejust is exquisite in size but absolutely unbreakable. This traditional size women’s timepiece proves that Rolex women’s watches are sophisticated and feminine, yet sturdy and durable.
The Rolex Oyster constant motion is typical and widely recognized Rolex design features. With a diameter of 34mm, this oyster constant chronometer is perfect for women who want accessories for all occasions. Timeless Oyster design has stood the test of time and its understated elegance lies in its timeless beauty.

This piece uses a classic silver and red wine color scheme, with a simple yet ancient aesthetic. Minimalists will be enchanted with the Rolex Oyster. From clean hour markings to the absence of dials to date displays, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual case is sleek and sleek. Its unobtrusive appearance ensures that your evolving style will not go out of style – given the watch’s craftsmanship, this will make you memorable for a lifetime. The Rolex Oyster Peptual will be the proudest choice in the box.

It also comes with the most versatile oyster bracelet, a three piece chain bracelet made of corrosion-resistant oyster steel for durability.

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