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If you’re in a hurry to go to a party or Halloween, you want a proper and themed cosplay costume. What’s not to go wrong? I think the underworld is a good choice.

The underworld tells the story of two RACES of vampires and werewolves in a dark underworld that is constantly at war with each other. The vampire tribe rules the underworld, the werewolf tribe is in a weak position, and each side is planning to destroy the other. Vampire warrior “Moon Goddess” Selina learned that werewolves had tried to kidnap the human doctor Michael. The sensitive Selene believes that her decision to investigate the matter alone is an evil plot, but she is badly injured. Fortunately, she met with Michael’s help. Selene leads Michael into vampire territory, but on the way she discovers Michael’s secret :Michael is a werewolf and a vampire hybrid. This hybrid gave Michael some mysterious power, so his fellow werewolves tried to eat his blood. The power to defeat a vampire. Selene gradually falls in love with Michael as she gets along with him. However, the two tribes did not stop fighting for their love, and a great battle began.

Selene is a beautiful and charming female vampire warrior. With steel-eyed eyes and a hatred of wolves, she devotes all her energy to werewolves, because she believes they maimed her family when she was very young. She was adopted by a vampire leader, Victor. Vicker not only keeps her alive, but also trains her to be more powerful than the average vampire and gives her relative independence. Selene’s weapon is two silver bullets that can kill werewolves. She rarely trusts anyone, and always suspects that wolves will become more powerful and push vampires into extreme danger.

This film continues the brilliance of the previous films and the special effects are even more powerful. The important thing is that when you see the promotional posters or the content of the film, you are bound to be attracted to their costumes. Check out this site for cosplay costumes. You can find cosplay costumes at spiderman, underworld, Deadpool, etc.

In the film, Selena wears a black robe and black boots, and the coat is made of leather, which adds a sense of mystery to her character and makes you want to explore the character in depth.

One of the highlights of the movie is the battle between the heroine and the enemy, and the dress makes her look even cooler. After reading these introductions, I believe you already have a suitable choice in mind. Check it out.https://www.qualitycosplay.com/

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