On Tuesday, 19th, March 19, 2015, in a conference held by TAG Heuer, it announced that Heuer will work together with Google and Intel and they have reached agreements. These agreements started the new era of cooperation between Swiss watch brands and Silicon Valley in California. Three parties will do their best in their own field and together dedicate to the developing luxurious watch industry. Relying on the Android Wear, TAG Heuer will launch its real intelligent watches in the near future. Guy Semon, Manager of Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Heuer and David Singleton, director of technology of Google took a picture in the booth of TAG Heuer. Therefore, latest technology from Silicon Valley and the traditional Swiss watch making skills will melt together, and future watches is not only luxurious, it could also perfectly go into our daily life.

“This agreement is the result of technological revolution and watch-making authorities. Three companies have tons of potential, and what comes along with the cooperation is the win-win situation.” shop Jean-Claude Biver said. “Swiss-made watches is well known in the world, and working with Google and Intel, the influential companies which dedicate themselves to developing technology, and relying on the Intel technology and Google Android Wear, I could foresee that technological revolution will coming, and I am glad to be the one that lead Heuer in this way.”

David Singleton expressed that Swiss watches, combining beauty and technology, have inspired generations of artists, and engineers to dedicate their hearts into it. He said that he is glad to work with TAG Heuer and Intel, and brings its passion and novelty into market. “we will work hard and we trust Android Wear who could presents the masses better intelligent watches. ” “when Intel is dedicated to offers more efficiency with technology experience, we trust that our cooperation would sparkle a revolution in the wearing fields, and working with TAG Heuer would make us closer to our wishes and develop and promote intelligent watches.”

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